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Working hard at ensuring fair, equal, and transparent treatment of all union members. Together we stand stronger, divided we fall. 

Your Executive Board

Your AFGE TSA Local 1250 Executive Board team consists of President Juan Casarez, Executive Vice-President Greg Ford, Vice-President Becky Esquivel, Secretary Jovan Petkovic, and Treasurer Diane Rodriguez.

Please check under the Contact Tab for detailed contact information and current list of all Union Stewards.

Quick Help


Please email us at with all your questions.

If you have a grievance matter, please email us at

Questions and inquiries pertaining to union membership should be send to

A Union representative will reply as soon as possible.

A message from your Local 1250 President


Our Union (Local 1250 to its members, National, District, and working with the Agency) is comprised of an engaged organized group interested in providing meaningful service to balance employee work/life issues. I have been the President of Local 1250 since its inception of July 1, 2013.  With four initial board, and several changes since, we have brought the membership in Arizona from its initial 184 members to its current strength of +/- 650 as of 2018.  This effort has been an ongoing commitment to staying engaged and providing meaningful assistance. Our Local has made its mistakes as well in learning how to run and organize our Union.  Accepting and learning from those mistakes have also made us much more prepared moving forward.  I would like to extend an invitation to any member or potential member to consider working within Local 1250.

As of December 2018, AFGE TSA Local 1250 merged with TSA employees from the State of Nevada. Your local now serves TSA employees in Arizona and Nevada. We are all excited about the merger and the great opportunity to continue to strengthen our Union, and further assist our brothers and sisters in Nevada.


YOUR TEAM, always working for you!


A TSO since the inception of TSA. Saw the failures of the previous local and rallied to have our own in AZ in 2013!

Juan Casarez



Always looking out for her fellow co-workers at LAS. Always there for you!


Becky Esquivel

Vice President


Steward to Secretary, seeking fair and equal treatment for all. Your information super-highway!


Jovan Petkovic


Turned the locals financials from red to black. Keeps detailed records for all expenditures.


Diane Rodriguez